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Black Americans are under attack

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All races have their scum. And make no mistake, we will deal with each and every one. If I forget one, let me know. But this page is for blacks (more specifically, American blacks – or, Americans of African descent). Even more specifically, it’s for those who want better for African American communities. If you’re just going to whine and complain and throw around claims of racism, then you’re probably the kind of person that we’re about to start talking about.

There is a behavioral epidemic that is plaguing black communities across the nation.

There is a culprit, an insurgency that is actively causing this. We will get to that toward the end.

This problem is multi-dimensional. We are going to break it down into parts.

We’ll start with the obvious…

The first part of the problem that we are going to talk about is rap.

Black youth are growing up listening to rap music that promotes hate, violence, murder and rape.

Rap “music” harms black communities. People learn by observation – by role models – and that includes famous people that we idolize while growing up.  Most rappers talk about rape like it’s a mating ritual. They brag about using and selling drugs, brag about their guns, and dress like absolute morons – and they target black youth.  They know how to get them hooked on their filth. Rappers that do this are certainly down there with the scum of society. And they want to bring as many people down with them as they can. These people are disgusting. They make millions of dollars – and still get busted for selling and using drugs and carrying weapons.

If you’re a black parent, and you’re reading this – and you think it’s acceptable that your kid (s) listens to this garbage – then you’re fucked up.  You can’t control your own kid? What’s the matter with you? Tell them if they listen to that rap that they’re going to fucking pay. Use scare tactics if you must. Embarrass them at school – in front of friends – ruin their lives. Better for you to ruin their lives, temporarily, than for them to ruin their lives permanently when they try to actually do what these rappers are rapping about.

The second part we are going to talk about – is the use of excuses and the “race card”

There is nothing more disrespectful and disgraceful than using the struggles of your ancestors to justify your own evil ways.

Here’s what’s happening today, in the mainstream media (which is dumbed down for the average moron):

You have whites saying that blacks are violent.

You have blacks saying that whites are racist.

Back and forth it goes, and nothing ever gets accomplished. Nobody wins.
The media capitalizes on the average person’s stupidity and stirs up trouble – just to sell ads.

Excuses like “Our ancestors were slaves”, or  “It’s because we’re oppressed”  – is a bunch of bullshit. Humans are born into problems – life isn’t quite right without problems, and it is our nature to try to resolve them. If it doesn’t kill you, it is supposed to make you stronger. Was slavery bad? Of course. But the reality is – most people (or their ancestors, anyway) were enslaved at one point or another – not just blacks. And using it as an excuse to justify violence is an absolute disgrace and is very disrespectful to people who actually were slaves. By using atrocities that your ancestors endured as a crutch – well, you might as well just piss on their graves because that’s pretty much what you’re doing. Soon, I am going to explain, specifically, which group of people is hiding behind words like slavery and oppression to justify violence – and the answer my surprise you. Relax – I’m not saying all blacks are murderers. But don’t get too relaxed – because if you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem. More on that later.

Next we will break American society down into groups by behavior:

Now, let’s start with the whites who say that blacks are violent. Let’s start at one end of the spectrum – we’ll start with the wackos who are in hate groups and white supremacist groups. They hate everyone.  Ask them why they hate blacks. They’ll probably just say “Because I hate them”.  Well that’s very helpful, thanks.

I liken it to this:

If a TV won’t turn on, would you just kick it until hopefully it works, or would you try to figure out what the problem might be?

Kicking the TV probably wouldn’t solve anything, just like hurling insults back and forth won’t solve anything.

So the white supremacist groups aren’t getting the whole picture, perhaps due to lack of intellect, or maybe due to lack of education, who knows. But it’s pretty well known that most people don’t take what they say very seriously anyway.

Trailer trash comes next. Now, trailer trash is a derogatory term, because not all people in trailers have meth labs and sleep with their cousins. But, even though the term is derogatory, it actually does something useful. It makes the non-inbreeding, non-drug addicted trailer residents want to separate themselves from what is commonly known as trailer trash.  Distancing yourself from the scum of your race or group – that’s important. If you don’t take out the trash, you start to smell like trash. But the trailer trash that I am talking about – bona fide trailer trash – will often claim how much they dislike one group or another, but when questioned, are unable to coherently articulate why they dislike that group. Just because – is not an answer.

So from that extreme, we now move onto the average American. He or she works for someone else for a living, and sees all of these problems in the news, but is afraid to say anything. The media pretty much made this person afraid to speak up, because every time he turns on the news, he seems someone being attacked and called a “racist” or a “bigot”, simply for voicing their opinion. This person wants to give his opinion, but doesn’t want to risk losing his job (employers seem to be jumping on this “politically correct” bandwagon) . He has a family to take care of and decides to just keep quiet.

Now we move on to the more outspoken American (like me). The Americans who are self employed (like me again) – have more freedom, because we don’t have to answer to a boss who can fire us for saying something that the company doesn’t like. We know that there is a serious behavioral epidemic among blacks in the country  – but knowing something is wrong and knowing how to fix it are two very different things, so most people develop an opinion, keeping it relatively simple, and think that there is no solution.

Then you have the quiet, law abiding, civilized blacks.  I am mentioning them to put emphasis on how important it is that they step up and publicly denounce hypocritical black “leaders” like Al Sharpton – who, in my opinion, doesn’t care about the black community. The timid blacks are usually the smartest blacks – and the black community desperately needs your brilliant minds so don’t be afraid to step up.

Next, the dreaded violent, loud-mouth blacks. These are the ones who often speak Ebonics – which is just plain lazy. There is no excuse in the world to speak Ebonics. It’s not a language. If you talk like an idiot, you deserve to be treated like an idiot.

These blacks often use the race card. What does that mean?

It means every time their stupidity is pointed out to them, they say something like “It’s cuz I’m black”.

They are a disgrace to blacks all over the world.

They abuse their ethnic heritage for personal and often unlawful gain. They have no respect for their race, no respect for their ethnic heritage, and no respect for their communities. They are parasitic, un-productive and often dangerous. They are a parasite to the black communities that they infect. Like a parasite, they harm the host – the black community in which they have infiltrated. So, their name, appropriately, will be “parasitic blacks” – the blacks that give all other blacks a bad name. They infect communities slowly but surely.

If you’re black and successful- then the parasitic black is your worst enemy. Do not befriend them. Do not harbor them or condone their actions. Resist them like you would resist any disease. They want to bring you down with them. If a disease could talk, what would it say? It would probably say “I’m not a disease, I want to be your friend”. Don’t fall for it.

They will use every trick in the book to blame everyone for their failures except themselves. They will swear up and down that the whole world is racist and out to get them. These are weak, lame techniques that these parasites use to weaken the legitimate black society. Be stronger, be smarter – fight back. Publicly denounce them. Outcast them socially. Declare war on them.

It is time for the black community to take out the trash – black trash, otherwise known as  Parasitic Blacks

Parasitic blacks are often easy to spot:

They will walk around with their pants hanging somewhere around their nut sacks.

They will often address each other as “nigga”. Anyone who uses the word “nigga” to address another person – is an idiot.

They listen to rap music. (Most rappers are parasitic blacks that abuse their ethnic heritage to force their way into the limelight).

They speak “ebonics”. Make no mistake – ebonics is not a language. It is pure laziness. Respect is earned. If you speak like a moron, don’t be surprised if you get treated like one.

They are often the ones you see on “Cops” or on your local news – getting busted for drugs, rape and murder. They will often outwardly deny the accusations – even when they were caught in the act. They will often accuse the police of being racist. Their fellow parasites will try to rally support and will fill blogs and public demonstrations with anti-authority rhetoric. You can easily spot the parasitic blacks, because they practically cheer for their fellow murderers and rapists when they go to jail.  They will demonstrate in the streets accusing whites of having some kind of secret agenda.

They attack non-violent, African Americans.  You – the black man or woman who is honest and hard working – get labelled. You get labelled by these parasitic blacks the second you speak up against them. They call you an “uncle tom”.  They do whatever they can to keep the spotlight away from you – and on them. You must invalidate them – any way you can.

Blacks are capable of great things. A human being is the most sophisticated piece of engineering known to exist in the universe. Regardless of your race – your ancestors pushed on and endured unthinkable challenges. They didn’t let anything stop them. Don’t let parasitic blacks stop you. Take control. Parasitic blacks have been working on destroying black communities for years. They have systematically attached to your identity, to your culture, to your life. They are holding your reputation – and the reputation of black men and women all over the world – hostage. What does the average person think of when he hears “black suspect” on the news? Does he think – parasitic black? No – because the average person will never understand this. But you do. You’re black – and you know that you are under attack. You want better for yourself, for your children, and for their children. You have an obligation to them.

Every single African American in this country is under attack by parasitic blacks. It’s time to take your communities back. The government, the police – they’re not going to do it for you. This is your fight- and it’s not going to be easy. But to those of you with the courage to push forward and make it happen – the rewards will be great.

I consider the black “leader” Al Sharpton to be a spokesman for parasitic blacks. Either that or he’s just plain dumb. I’ve heard him talk, and he doesn’t sound very intelligent. He doesn’t care about the black community. If he did, he would tirelessly condemn black violence. He would condemn rappers for targeting and corrupting black youth. I don’t think he’s smart enough to fix the problem, so he just runs his mouth. He enjoys the spotlight. But, in my eyes, he’s a hypocrite. He does more for the parasitic blacks than he does for  – the hard working, educated, civilized, productive blacks. And for that reason, I cannot take the man seriously.

When someone points out a problem – you should consider the possibility that there may be some truth to it. Saying “Well you have problems too” is childish and unproductive. Are black men, proportionately, more likely to commit violent crime?


Why? Because of an insurgency of parasitic blacks inside black communities who are currently controlling you.

Is it going to do the black community any good to get angry and call everyone who points this out a racist?  No!


Before you say anything in public, or on a forum, or anywhere – think to yourself: How will this benefit me, my family, my race, my neighbors, my coworkers, my friends, etc….    You’re allowed to think. 

Instead of getting angry, the black community needs strong leadership who has the courage to say:

“Yes, we have a behavioral epidemic which is resulting in disproportionate crime rates among black Americans today. We recognize that there is a problem here, and we are going to do everything in our power to correct it.”  

 By issuing a statement like that, you are declaring your intent to take control away from violent

blacks and preparing to put it in the hands of responsible blacks.

Obama preaches about change. He’s another phony. But then again, what politican isn’t?

You want to talk about change, there you have it.

So, why are blacks so afraid to step up to the plate and do this?

These changes won’t happen overnight – but it starts with you – declaring war on parasitic blacks. It is my belief that parastic blacks will do anything they can to hold on to their power – and may seek to cause you harm. Violence is not the answer, unless it is in self defense. Every American – hell – every human being – has the right to defend themselves against imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm. Stand up for what is right and don’t let parasitic blacks intimidate or coerce you – but keep in mind – they WILL try.  My best advice to you – remain vigilant. Do not get complacent. Be careful who you trust. Trust – but verify. It’s not going to be easy. Some of you have friends, employees, employers,even family members who are parasitic blacks. You must be willing to take control – so that future generations can have a better future. Imagine a generation where there were more blacks in medical school than any other race? You can make that a reality – but you have to be willing to make sacrifices now so that it can happen.

Now, who wants to be the first black man or woman to publicly declare war on parasitic blacks?

Warning: Duplication, copying,pasting,sharing or modification or this page or any portion of this blog without the expressed written consent of the author is prohibited. Violators will be subject to severe civil penalties.


Written by TheAuthor

May 18, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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